Red Vs Blue Season 9

2011-07-23 11:09:45 by neeko

Animator of Dead Fantasy(Final fantasy vs Dead or Alive) is animating the new season of Halo's Red vs Blue

Full 2.5 min version of the ODST live action trailer:

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Slap Chop Remix Commercial

2009-07-26 21:27:12 by neeko

The guy Vince who does Sham Wow also did Slap Chop and a DJ remixed the info commercial into a dance record.

The guys who do the infocommercial Slap Chop then took the dance remix and made it into a commercial. The actually paid to run a whopping 2 min commercial on TV. JmVk

Slap Chop Remix Commercial closing down

2009-03-24 01:25:55 by neeko

I found this site a few years ago but didn't know about the huge community of artists and tutorials floating around.

Lots of great works and artists will be looking for a new collaborative home come 3/27/09

If you are reading this I suggest you head over and check it out before its all gone. It's a nice place to visit before the doors close.

IK released with Flash CS4!

2009-03-04 07:32:26 by neeko

In animation IK allows you to rig parts of a figure together and attach them like dolls which was available in Toon Boom but not Flash. Now Flash has this feature and is available in the new release opening a whole new can of worms for animators.


IK released with Flash CS4!